Thursday, March 17

What to do with Canary Coquette Vintage Cotton Yarn

Canary Coquette Vintage Cotton Yarn
Today I would like to share with you some ideas I had about using Canary Coquette Vintage Cotton Yarn. Canary yellow is a beautiful, refreshing, bright colour. Here are some suggestions you might find interesting to try out.

Canary Coquette Vintage Cotton Yarn.

Ruffled Cardigan - This incredible piece is knitted in the colours Aquamarine for the main body and Amethyst for the ruffle. How about a combination of Old Lace with Canary as an accent colour?

Ruffled Cardigan in Aquamarine and Amethyst.
Lily Jacket in Wine, Oyster and Carnation.

My next suggestion would be the Lily Jacket. Here you will need 3 colours of Coquette Vintage Cotton Yarn, the pattern suggestion is: Wine, Carnation and Oyster. How about Old Lace, Oyster and Canary?

Oyster, Old Lace and Canary
Coquette Vintage Cotton Yarn

If you like wearing yellow, you can make this beautiful summer sun top designed by Susan Crawford. Tropicana was originally designed using knitshop's Mulberry Silk Twist Yarn, however Coquette is a great alternative to making this stunning summer piece.

Tropicana knitted in Mulberry Silk Twist.

For the Crocheter amongst our readers we have another great pattern available: the Cassie Camisol Cotton Top. A summery and delightful Camisol to wear on the warmer days of the year.

Cassie Camisol in Carnation Coquette Vintage Cotton Yarn

And last but not least, you can make a Daffodil using the Canary colour. It is a 4ply yarn and therefore suitable for most knitting and crochet patterns available. We have the Daffodil Crochet Pattern available for you as an instant download.

Daffodil Crochet Pattern from,
using Canary Coquette Vintage Cotton Yarn.

Canary Coquette Vintage Cotton Yarn is available today for only £3.47 / 50g ball. Click here if you want to visit the website and take advantage of this great offer.

If you have questions or would like to get in touch, please email us or leave a comment below.

Wishing everyone a happy crafting day,
Yours Julieta

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Monday, February 29

Thick & Easy Stitch Patterns

Last week more Thick & Easy Yarn arrived in store, fabulous new spring colours are now available.

The Thick & Easy Yarn is now available in the following colours:
Candy Apple Red, Chilli Red, Cherry Red, Signal Yellow, Orange Poppy, Cashmere Rose, Rose Pink, Aubergine Purple, Wool White, Eggshell Beige, Cinnamon, Seal Brown, Anthracite, Panther Black, Blue Black, Teal Blue, Capri Blue, Olive Drab Green, Mint & Papaya Whip.

Colours from top left: Signal Yellow, Wool White, Capri Blue,
Poppy Orange, Mint, Rose Pink, Anthracite & Teal Blue.

Below you will find pictures of knitted swatches using different stitch patterns in the Thick & Easy Yarn. All swatches are made using 8mm Bamboo Knitting Needles.

The first swatch is made using the colour Cherry Red, the stitch pattern is called "Sandstorm".

Sandstorm Cable Stitch in the colour Cherry Red.

The second swatch is made using the colour Papaya Whip. A plait cable stitch pattern that would look nice when making hats or cardigans.

Plait Cable Stitch in the colour Papaya Whip.

The third swatch is again knitted in the colour Cherry Red. It is using 3 different stitch pattern through the swatch. Starting with a "Ridged Lace", in the middle of the swatch is a "Woven Stitch" and on the top "Grass Stitch".

From top down: Grass Stitch, Woven Stitch
and Ridged Lace Stitch in the colour Cherry Red.

The next swatch is using the Mint Thick & Easy Wool Yarn, it starts with an "Alternative Dot Stitch" in the middle is a "Loose Lattice Lace" and on top "Lace and Seed Stitch"

Stitch Pattern from top down: Lace and Seed Stitch, Loose Lattice Lace
and Alternative Dot Stitch in the colour Mint Thick & Easy Wool Yarn

The last swatch are Woven Circles, using the Thick & Easy Wool Yarn is made in the colour Aubergine Purple.

Woven Circle Stitch Pattern knitted in Aubergine Purple Thick & Easy Wool Yarn.

You can download all the above stitch pattern from the pattern section. A stitch pattern is available to you at GBP 1.00 per stitch pattern, and some of them can be downloaded for free.

Anthracite & Wool White Thick & Easy Wool Yarn.

Thick & Easy Wool Yarn has a few pattern available to download, you can read here about some previous blogs we have had about "The New Thick & Easy Yarn" arriving in store. The pattern EVE Hat and Wrist Warmer Set and Samuel's Waistcoat.

Eve Hat and Wrist Warmer Set knitted in Thick & Easy Wool Yarn.

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Thursday, February 11

Country Wool Yarn - new in stock

Today we would like to introduce to you a brand new yarn added to the yarn collection: Country Wool Yarn. 

Country Wool Yarn is a 100% pure wool yarn and is unevenly spun, so it has a unique country style to it, due to it's coarse look. It gives an interesting texture once knitted up, feels soft and will definitely keep you warm.

Colours from left top: Primary Colours, Hot Pink, Bondi Blue, Corsa Rosso Red, Crosswalks,
Mustard, Zaffre Blue, Orange Peel, Rainbow, Harlequin, Forest Green & Spring Meadow

Country Wool Yarn is ideal for accessories and garments, such as wrist warmers, hats, gloves, cardigans and jumpers. However, the idea of what you make should be yours. Below, you will find a few yarn recommendations from our pattern catalogue.

Corsa Rosso Red Country Wool Yarn
in Double Moss Stitch Pattern.

The tension is somewhere between a 4ply and DK yarn, which makes it a sports weight or 5ply yarn. Tension on stocking stitch comes up to 24 sts x 36 rows using 3.25 mm needles. A 50g ball has a length of 195m and is available at the introductory price of £2.95 this spring.

Solid colours available: Buttercream, Raw Umber, Harlequin, Forest Green, Rosso Corsa Red, Orange Peel, Mustard, Hot Pink, Zaffre Blue and Bondi Blue.

Orange Peel Country Wool Yarn
Harlequin Country Wool Yarn

Variegated colours:
Crosswalks a combination of red, dark green and yellow.
Rainbow - Red, Orange, yellow, turquoise and bright green.
Primary Colours, the classics - blue, red, orange and yellow.
Spring Meadow - greens and yellow, almost like looking at a meadow in spring, spring greens with yellow flowers!

Rainbow Country Wool Yarn

Here are a few patterns from our current pattern selection that could be used for County Wool Yarn.

REO Wrist Warmer would look lovely in any of the colours available in Country Wool Yarn.

REO Wrist Warmer Pattern

Jasper Pull-Over definitely a great choice for Country Wool Yarn, we would recommend using the colours Bondi Blue and Mustard, or Raw Umber and Rosso Corsa Red. Or alternatively you could make it using Rainbow and Orange, or Primary Colour and Zaffre Blue.

Jasper Pull-Over Pattern

And our third recommendation for today are the Snug Boot Cuffs. Make them matching the colour of your boots or in variegated Rainbow colours. No matter which colour you choose they are guaranteed to keep you warm and trendy!

Snug Boot Cuffs Pattern

Watch out for some swatches and stitch pattern using Country Wool Yarn being launched very soon!

Happy knitting from the Team
Julieta & Marcia and our many helpers!

Spring Meadow Country Wool Yarn

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Wednesday, December 30

The NEW Thick & Easy Wool Yarn

We are pleased to have it back in stock after such a long wait, the new Thick & Easy Wool Yarn has finally arrived. Anxiously we have been waiting to see the new colours and knit up a few samples. We would like to present to you, the new:

Thick & Easy Wool Yarn
100% pure wool yarn
Supplied in 100g hanks
Length approx. 110m / 100g
Recommended needle size: 6 - 7mm
Tension: 14 sts x 20 sts

Here are our first 11 colour choices for you:
Papaya Whip, Eggshell Beige, Olive Drab Green, Seal Brown, Cherry Red, Chilli Red, Cashmere Rose, Aubergine Purple, Teal Blue, Blue Black and Panther Black.

Colours from left top: Seal Brown, Eggshell Beige, Olive Drab Green, Papaya Whip,
Teal Blue and Blue Black

Patterns available for the Thick & Easy Wool Yarn:

Eve Hat and Wrist Warmer, a beautiful set for girls, enhanced with flowers and embellished with heart buttons. Girls love special gifts and the new colour range of the Thick & Easy offers you a lovely choice. Watch out for a new version in the new Thick & Easy Wool Yarn. Pictures and pattern description are available on our past blog post about Eve.

Eve Hat and Wrist Warmer knitted in Thick & Easy Wool Yarn
Aubergine Purple, Papaya Whip and Cashmere Rose.

Samuel's Waistcoat, this sleeveless waistcoat with V-neck finish and a cord to tie is perfect to keep the little heart warm. Very quick and easy to knit, pattern ranges from 4 - 11 years. Read more about Samuel's Waistcoat here

Samuel's Waistcoat knitted in Panther Black Thick & Easy Wool Yarn.

World Cup Scarf, using White Natural Wool Yarn and Black Thick & Easy. You could go for a colour combination of Eggshell Beige for the main scarf and make the Black stripes in Cashmere Rose, Cherry Red, Teal Blue and Aubergine Purple. Want to find out more about the pattern, click here to read the previous blog about it.

Purple Velvet Wrist Warmer, originally using the Kolibri Wool Yarn. Our new yarn alternative is the Thick & Easy Wool Yarn. Two years ago in November we had a blog about this pattern, click here to read it.

Giant Christmas Mitten, originally knitted in our super chunky Merino Wool Yarn, as alternative for a smaller version it can be knitted in the Thick & Easy. We also had a past blog about the Giant Christmas Mitten

Giant Christmas Mitten knitted in Thick & Easy Wool Yarn
Cherry Red and Papaya Whip.

Cable Nation, originally designed in the Kolibri Wool yarn, however also perfect to be knitted in the new colours of the Thick & Easy for a more settled version. You can read our previous blog about the Cable Nation here.

Triology Scarf, another one of our favourites! Choose 3 colours of Thick & Easy, for example: Olive Drab Green, Papaya Whip and Blue Teal. The scarf is knitted in 3 panels, which are joined on one side and left loose on the other.

Twist and Shout Cowl, this was designed to be thick and warm. Here you could make a more elegant version in the Thick & Easy Wool Yarn, just keep going a little longer to get the same length. For pictures of Twist and Shout click here.

The new Thick & Easy is our Product of the Month for December and this month we are offering you a 100g hank for only £5.92. That's 25% off the original price!

And if that is not enough, today until the end of December we will give you one of the patterns above for free with every purchase of Thick & Easy Wool Yarn.
Simply add the yarns to your basket check out your order and let us know which pattern you have chosen to receive.

With a beautiful stitch definition, it is very easy and quick to knit up. Currently only available in a limited stock range until the new dye lot is ready to arrive in the shop. Shop now with 25% off the Thick & Easy and a FREE pattern on top!

Seal Brown, Cashmere Rose, Cherry Red, Aubergine Purple,
Olive Drab Green, Eggshell Beige, Blue Black, Teal Blue and Papaya Whip

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Thursday, December 17

Giant Christmas Mitten re-knitted

Today we are pleased to present to you our new version of the Christmas Mitten. The pattern was originally designed by Julieta Brandao in the super chunky Merino Wool Yarn Roving. However, we now have an updated version for you, using the brand new Thick & Easy Wool Yarn.

Giant Christmas Mitten, knitted in Merino Wool Yarn Roving
and Thick & Easy Wool Yarn.

Basically you knit the Christmas Mitten from the same pattern, using the Thick & Easy colours: Chilli Red and Olive Drab Green or Cherry Red and Papaya Whip.

The Christmas Mitten is knitted in the round and grafting is used to finish off the mitten. The knitting is done in a basic 1x1 rib to start with, and the rest is simple stocking stitch in the round.

Giant Christmas Mitten
knitted in Cherry Red and Papaya Whip

Using a 6-8mm needle, depending on your tension. For loose knitters we recommend a 6mm, or for tighter knitters we would recommend you use an 8mm circular needle, alternative you can use the longer version of the double pointed needles.

Thick & Easy Wool Yarn
colours from left to right: Seal Brown, Eggshell Beige,
Olive Drab Green, Papaya Whip, Blue Teal and Blue Black.

You will need two hanks, 1 per colour and you will easily get 3 mittens out of two hanks of Thick & Easy Yarn.The yarn is currently on offer for £5.92 / 100g hank. The pattern you can download for free this month from our website you are interested to read more about the original Giant Mitten, visit our previous blog post here:

Christmas Mitten, perfect as stocking for your little ones.

For any questions, pattern help or instructions you can contact the shop on (UK +44) 020 7099 8864 or email us through the website, click here to open the contact us form.

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Wednesday, December 16

Christmas Gifts from

It is the Christmas spirit that we carry in our hearts that lights up the Christmas magic around us. It's been a while since's last blog post, however we do want to keep the tradition of posting a blog about Christmas Gifts available from

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful. By Norman Vincent Peale

Our number one Gift this year and every year is something given with love. Something you made for someone you love..... choose from a selection of patterns at, here is some that you can still tackle until the big day:

Purple Velvet Wrist Warmer, using an aran weight yarn, a more experienced pattern as it combines lace and cable stitches at the same time.

Purple Velvet Wrist Warmer designed by Julieta Brandao
using Kolibri Wool Yarn.

Linen Light Ladder Stitch Scarf, this was originally designed for the Cotton Linen Yarn from, however it looks gorgeous in absolutely any yarn, is easy and quick to knit up. Choose your loved ones favourite colour and give it a go!

Linen Light Ladder Stitch Scarf designed by Julieta Brandao
using Cotton Linen Yarn.

To name just two patterns, find more on our website, some of them to download for free. And do not forget to check out our FREE DOWNLOAD of the month.

We can also offer you a selection of books and magazines that are an easy stocking filler and always a joy for crafter's. Or choose from our great selection of knitting and crochet yarns.

As said by Julieta Brandao, the owner and founder of and knitshop yarns:

"For a Knitter I believe it is true to say that Yarn weighs more than Gold!"

And last but not least you can always get a Gift Voucher from
What ever you choose to give to the special people around you this Christmas, be sure it is something special for them!

Merry Christmas!
Your Team. 

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Thursday, April 2

Take your knitting and crochet up a notch

As the calendar rolls over to April, reveals a raft of new knitting and crochet workshops. This month there’s another chance to try Tunisian Crochet – a hybrid of knitting and crochet that uses a very long needle with a hook at one end. Using this easy to master needlecraft you can create distinctive and hardwearing homewares such as mats and rugs. 
Experienced crocheters will find it adds another string to their crafting bow and that some stitches are worked in the same way. Our Tunisian Crochet class was extremely popular when we ran it last year, so sign up now to secure your place. 

Tunisian Crochet Workshop at the Lee Green Outlet.

Knitters wanting to boost their skills should take a look at our Knitting In The Round class on Friday 10 April. Here, you’ll learn how to knit on circular or double-pointed needles and which to use when making hats, gloves and jumpers. We’ll get you started making a pair of wristwarmers and give you the pattern to take home to complete them. Choose from the Purple Velvet Wristwarmers or Lacet Wristwarmers pattern.
If sewing up and neat edges are a challenge, choose The Perfect Finish on 17 or 24 April. This finishing techniques workshop introduces you to Kitchener stitch – an invaluable stitch the creates a firm but flat seam on knitted items. Of course, if you’ve mastered our Knitting In The Round class you won’t be knitting many more items with seams and can choose from the many seamless designs in the Pattern Library

Knitting in the round with cable feature.
Gabriele Wrist Warmer knitted in Natural Angora Soft.

We’ve also got kids’ crochet and knitting classes at £10 each and a Last-Minute Decorative Easter Egg crochet class this coming weekend. Note that children must be accompanied by an adult.
You can sign up to any of our classes online and head down to’s boutique outlet at 326 Lee High Road, London SE13 5PJ for 11am. All classes last two hours and come with email and phone support so we can help ensure you complete your new project. 

Knitting Workshop at the Lee Green Boutique Outlet.

For help in person, look out for our free SOS classes where we help you get those knitting and crochet UFOs (unfinished objects) off the needles and ticked off your to-do list. 

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